Yahoo Inks A Deal With Samsung To Improve Smart TV Offerings

November 9, 2012 0

Sunnyvale, California – In an effort to deliver real-time content, internet pioneer Yahoo and Samsung have inked a deal to integrate its Broadcast Interactivity service into the company’s Smart TVs to your living room, the companies announced earlier this week.

Under the agreement, adding Yahoo Broadcast Interactivity platform to Samsung TVs, powered by its automatic content recognition technology, SoundPrint, will be deployed in Samsung’s SyncPlus platform, viewers will be able to view and interact with Yahoo content while watching their favorite shows. On the business front, this will also let advertisers serve up deals associated with the content or commercials people are watching.

Going forward, this noteworthy agreement will allow Yahoo to push real-time content alongside TV shows and advertisements on Samsung TVs, such as trivia, additional show insights, or interactive gaming from partners like Showtime Networks and National Geographic Channel.

The company describing the features said, “By combining watching TV with engaging content, we can change the way audiences are entertained and informed,” Ron Jacoby, vice president of Connected TV at Yahoo, said in a statement.

Through the Yahoo Broadcast Interactivity platform, viewers will see on-screen prompts informing them that additional content can be accessed. An on-screen message will prompt users to access additional content, if desired, then by using a remote, connected tablet or phone, viewers can find content or offers related to the TV shows and commercials they are watching.

According to Samsung, some cool functionality are:-“With the touch of a remote, connected tablet or phone, Samsung Smart TV viewers can effortlessly surface content or offers related to the TV shows and commercials they are watching,” Samsung said.

When watching a show or commercial, viewers will be provided with on-screen prompts that provide additional content relevant to what is currently on. For instance, if TV ads are not bothersome enough, Yahoo said the partnership also creates new forms of advertising by ‘extending traditional 30-second commercials into immediate actions’.

Complimenting further Jacoby said, “We are thrilled that our expanded partnership with Samsung extends our platform’s footprint, enabling our content partners and advertisers to reach many more consumers. Content owners can augment their programming, and advertisers can create compelling calls-to-action that allow audiences to engage on marketing messages the moment they are delivered.”

More importantly, with broadcast interactivity enabled commercials, advertisers can integrate “calls-to-action” for downloading apps or digital media, providing coupons, ordering samples, reading reviews or viewing product information. Just in case you really want to know more about that Mr Muscle sink unblocker, or the next JML cleaning gadget that is set to transform your home life forever.

Admittedly, Yahoo announced an expanded Connected TV experience at this year’s CES, adding trivia, voting, shopping, videos, photos, and game shows to its Internet TV software, which is also available on TVs from Sony, Vizio, Toshiba, Haier, and HiSense.

“Today, consumers are engaging in interactive TV program experiences more and more,” Eric Anderson, vice president of Samsung Electronics content and production solutions, said in a statement. But by combining Samsung’s SyncPlus service with Yahoo Broadcast Interactivity, the companies can offer consumers what Anderson called “a very entertaining experience.”

Also, Yahoo’s technology will be incorporated into Samsung TVs released this year in the US via a firmware update, which will be rolled out sometime soon. There is no news on whether or when it will reach the UK. Yahoo said that it hopes the deal will help “our content partners and advertisers to reach many more consumers”.