January 3, 2012 0

Apple’s Siri has a new competitor. However, this time it is for the Windows platform. It seems like everyone now wants to have a Siri-like app in their smartphone, which has seen a number of Android apps, claiming to be Siri for Android. That surely is a want on other mobile platforms. The fascination of Siri has been catchy and a Windows Phone developer, Shai Leib, seems to have been deeply impressed, or rather inspired by Apple Siri, which made him come up with a similar app. His Ziggy App for Windows Phone is making rounds, and many are liking it already.

A claim noted that ‘the Ziggy is your Siri on Windows Phone 7’. Comparing any app to Siri is a big challenge. The app has been updated and the latest update to the app brings interesting voice recognition abilities to Windows Phone 7. Fortunately, for Windows Phone owners, they can make use of this app for free and is available without ads.

Detailing about the app, Leib noted a common detail, which is known to anyone, who has a brief about Siri. He said that the app turns human voice into transcribed text which is then analyzed to identify general questions and instructions. For other instructions, which are generic in nature, such as sending email, updating social networking status, sending text, navigating to a place are quickly translated to relevant actions too.

However, these generic questions may frustrate a user, since the app makes use of a much more complicated technology and relevant searches are performed through Microsoft’s own Bing search engine. This might require users a number of attempts before they get an accurate answer to a specific generic question.

Talking about the video, it has been smartly made, to show off the app and make people like it all the way. The video is posted below:

{iframe width=”560″ height=”315″}http://www.youtube.com/embed/facRa8frDT0{/iframe}

Briefing about the actual and the most sophisticated app in this section, Siri, it might have been the most hyped app of 2011, but it seems it has paved the path for a deeper electronic dependency. However, it has to be said that Siri is an impressive piece of software.

Again, Apple’s Voice Search is impressive too. In contrast, Bing’s own Voice Search is just good, but it seems it will take ages to reach to a quality that Siri has achieved. This definitely affects the Ziggy performance.

In future, one can expect things to change on the Windows platform, as Ziggy is just the first of its kind on this platform. Many more developers would follow, which can improve the quality of such apps in the future.

For Leib, one can expect that Microsoft might just hire him and help him further to improve the quality, as coming up with an actual Siri competitor, it is like too much work for just one single developer.

To download this app, one can go to the Windows Phone Market and get it in one’s Windows Phone for free.