Skype Released 6.2 For Windows And Mac, Adds eGifting Skype Credits

February 16, 2013 0

Redmond, Washington – In a fresh bout, Microsoft-owned Skype is rolling out an array of updates today to both version of its Mac and Windows desktop applications dubbed Skype 6.2, both of which include support for ‘eGifting’ of Skype credits in addition to a re-designed toolbar for PC users.

The new update brings two key features: The most notable inclusion is a new “eGifting” feature for both platforms, allowing you to send a gift of Skype credit to any of your Skype or Facebook friends on their birthday, especially useful for those on the receiving end who find themselves making calls on Skype more often than not. The update also resolves some previously known bug improvements.

Now, whenever a Skype users receive notifications for friend’s birthdays, they can choose to send credit as gifts to these friends. The credit can then be utilized by the receiving party for making calls to destinations of their choice. As with existing Skype Credit gift cards, it is possible to choose the design of the card – most of them use Skype’s almost synonymous sky blue coloring – as well as a personal message, the amount and the card it will be debited from.

The Windows version includes a redesigned top toolbar that brought along many new features to the platform, such as calling phones, creating groups and adding contacts. Microsoft has also released a redesigned toolbar that is located above the contacts list in the application.

Besides, the toolbar has been refurbished to provide a central location for most action buttons like Home, Calling Phones, Creating Groups and Adding Contacts. Users will now have a much easier toolbar and interface to use. Additionally, users can now send a message by simply entering ctrl+enter on their keyboard.

As for the Skype’s Mac version, which had an incremental feature. Especially, users can now send one-way SMS without verifying their mobile number-specifically handy if you are on a pay as you go scheme and have just happened to run out of credit. Additionally, bug fixes were added that include correct Skype credit amount displayed, random force quits, and resolving the issue where Skype does not hang when signing out of a Facebook account.

Amazingly though, these new feature is a timely one given the recent launch of Facebook’s gift cards-Microsoft’s instant messenger and Voice over IP (VoIP) service has been integrated with the social network for some time now. It also shows that both companies are still thinking about possible monetization options, with Skype leaning towards premium features such as calls to a landline or mobile phone.

Both the Mac and Windows versions are available to download now from Skype: Mac | Windows.