January 2, 2012 0

Apple’s Siri, has sparked a want in the thoughts of the Android users, who want to get their hands on to a similar service on their Android devices. the sales of iPhone 4S even saw this particular service helping the purpose along to a great extent. The voice-based personal assistant has been catchy, since it was first announced.

Google on its part, never wanted to fallout because of such services. For the same, Google made an announcement that they would be coming up with a competitor in the making, which is apparently being dubbed, which is currently coded as Majel. The reason for the code name was that Majel Barrett Roddenberry, wife of Gene Roddenberry and the actress, will be voicing the robotic voice for the service. Barrett has voiced the computer on every Star Trek series.

However, it seems the wait is too long for app developers, which has caused a number of developers coming up with a competitor for Siri, in order to bank on the opportunity, which is provided to them by Google, who is still finalizing the service details.

Reportedly, the search engine giant has yanked one of the efforts of a developer, who had attempted to come up with an Android app which masquerades as Siri, from the Android marketplace. This app was developed or rather cloned by Official Software, and people saw this jumping into the Android Market on Friday, but Google was quick to take the corrective steps, as the same was removed from the Market within a couple of hours.

The damage was however done as the lapse from Google’s side, showed that there is something wrong in the way Google is allowing apps to fall into the Marketplace.

Google, in order to make the developer pay, removed all the apps from the Android Market, developed by Official Software. The reason for the same could be that the search engine giant has yanked the software maker’s account, which allows it to sell programs at the outlet. But it seems the damage was done already to some extent as the app was already downloaded 10,000 times.

PC World’s Ed Albro said that even though the Android world has been laboring hard to emulate Siri’s functionality since Apple pulled the wraps off it, it hasn’t quite made it there yet. He wrote, “I’ve concluded that you can find decent virtual help on an Android phone, but the assistants available likely won’t be as smooth and capable as Siri.” Continuing he described Siri as the classic executive secretary — “always well-dressed and possessed of an elephant’s memory and a dry wit.”

The concern has a number of factors to still be very much there for Google as many developers have claimed to have come up with a service, which is more or less a clone for Apple’s Siri. Noting a few of these apps, which are quite close of being called a Siri clone are (SPEERIT) Beta, iris. (alpha), Andy – Siri for Android, Risi Beta Lite and Skyvi (Siri for Android).