July 15, 2011 0

Music has an eternal feeling which creates many new memories while brings back even a few old ones. PLAY makes this eternal feeling comes alive on iPhone too. PLAY has finally been launched for iPhone and its AOL who needs to be credited for the efforts made. AOL was ready with this innovative music application since March and finally now its announced that it has collaborated with iPhone. It can be well said that the release was timed to perfection.

The ‘Android-only’ tag from this application has been removed now. AOL was facing tough competition from Soundtracking which is its rival and could have been just favored. PLAY was launched on Android a just few months back and now iPhone has followed the happy bug. Talking about the compatibility factor, PLAY will run on any touch phone devices, which may be iPod and iPhone, but requires iOS 4.0 or higher.

It will be a new kind of social experience for iPhone users as far as music is concerned. This surely would pitch out Apple’s own baby Ping. The best thing to be noted here is that the application does not add on to any formalities and plays music right from the word go. Anything one can ask for, is wish granted. May it be sharing music with friends or even followers, or accessing radio stations, its so very easy with PLAY.

This application cannot be viewed as just a music player but even for sharing. Sharing in fact can be done even while one is listening to a specific song. One can share it on PLAY feed, Facebook and Twitter. The shared music can be bought by those who view the song on iTunes. Another interest section of PLAY is that the application is offering song recommendations and its called ‘ MP3 of the Day’.

PLAY again is a good application as it is being offered free-of-cost. Again one does not only hears music on their devices, but it even let’s the users use MP3 of the day, CD Listening Party, SHOUTcast radio, and much more, and its all FREE!!!!

The bottom line is that PLAY for iPhone promises to be a good bet. However it has to be said that ‘looks’ will surely matter.