Nokia Plans To Combine All Its Services Into The Nokia Account System

December 22, 2008 0

Helsinki— World’s leading mobile phone maker Nokia on Sunday cleared one of the key obstacles for adopting its new Internet offering, and is gearing toward completing its Ovi service suite — making it easier for their customers to log into their online service network Ovi.com.

The company intends to provide a single login mechanism on this service which combines various features some of which require separate details.

Recently Nokia has acquired a dozen companies — including an $8.1 billion (5.4 billion pound) purchase of mapping company Navteq — to jump-start its Internet business as growth in the mobile phone market stalls.

The handset maker has gathered access to all of the services to its Ovi.com site, but so far they have all demanded additional usernames and passwords, something analysts see as one of the major obstacles for takeup.

Nokia said in a statement: “We are pleased to announce that as part of improving your experience with Share on Ovi, we have merged our sign-in system with Ovi.com.”

“This is a major step in integrating Ovi,” Nokia said.

Of late, Share on Ovi has been added in the generic Nokia Account system. There is a new tab in the Account page called “Subscribed Services” from where users can choose all the Nokia services they are using or want to use. Along with that, we find Nokia Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Files, Share on Ovi, Friend View and Nokia Chat.

Nokia said earlier this month it aims to boost their annual revenues from online services to at least 2 billion euros (1.86 billion pounds) in 2011, focusing on navigation, music, games, messaging and media — but is battling with more established rivals such as Google, Apple and Yahoo.

Nokia said that they generated 115 million Euro in July-to-September quarter from these services.