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Apr 21st
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Miscellaneous | 2012

Facebook Streamlines Help Center, Makes Support Dashboard Available To Everyone

Los Angeles - Demonstrating a fresh sign of maturity through its UI design and better understanding of its users' requirements, social networking humongous Facebook has just unleashed a couple of items that they say will improve user experience and allow them to better understand exactly what goes on inside the network: A redesigned Help Center and the complete rollout of the Support Dashboard.


AOL Strikes Deal With YouTube To Distribute Video Content From Various Brands

New York - Yesteryears' internet pioneer AOL Inc., in its continuing struggle to boost its video presence on as many internet places as possible has just signed an agreement with Google's YouTube, one of the world's biggest video-sharing sites to bring a slew of its original video content to the site, opening up a new avenue for advertising revenue, the company announced today.

Facebook Messenger For iOS Now Updated For Chat Enthusiasts

Los Angeles -- In a calculated move to capture the mobile audience, a couple weeks back, Facebook Messenger for Android was updated with some pretty cool improvements to the app's overall functionality and its looks. And over the weekend, the social networking giant Facebook has once again tweaked its Messenger app for iOS, adding support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, along with a swipe-left feature it had earlier brought to the Android app, and other changes.

Adobe Unfurls Edge Tools For Web Developers

New York -- Graphics software pioneer Adobe, has relentlessly been striving to provide exceptional products for the creative souls has recently took the wraps off its new set of Edge suite of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, a suite of tools for developing and designing modern web and mobile apps and sites at its Create the Web event held in San Francisco last week.

Facebook Discards Fake User Accounts And Likes Amidst House Cleaning

Los Angeles - In an attempt to fix its integrity issues, Facebook has commenced deleting illegitimate user accounts and fake 'Likes', the company confirmed to TechCrunch. That is right, all of those thousands of questionable thumbs ups are starting to disappear.

Facebook Unveils SDK 3.1 With iOS 6 Support Integrations Including Native UI Controls

Los Angeles -- In an effort to accommodate developers into its realm, social networking outfit Facebook has just updated its iOS SDK to version 3.1, which includes support for iOS 6 integration and more native UI controls that developers can plug into their apps, a move to reinforce the world's largest social network as the backbone of socially-enhanced mobile apps.

Facebook Now Empowers Users To Delete Search History

Los Angeles -- Since the advent of search engines, search histories are perhaps the most incriminating tracks users leave on the web. If you are worried about your privacy on Facebook, it makes some people feel better to be able to delete their search history. Now, the social networking giant is empowering their users the ability to monitor their search activity and yes, delete it if that is what they wish to do.

Facebook Disables Facial-Recognition Tool In Europe

San Francisco -- In a surprising move to appease the European Union, social-networking giant has disabled its facial-recognition tool that suggests when registered users could be tagged in photographs uploaded to its website. The move follows an assessment of Facebook's efforts to implement changes recommended by the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland last year.

Facebook To Charge For Posting Promotional Offers

New York - The free ride on Facebook Offers has now reached a dead end... As the social-networking giant continues to struggle with its stock on the NASDAQ exchange and concerns about declining revenue escalates, the company has come up with a new strategy. Facebook said Thursday it will soon start charging merchants to run Offers as a way to earn more revenue at a time it desperately needs it.

Twitter Outlawed Animated GIF Avatars In Profile Pics

Los Angeles - Amid all the horrific changes and new policies Twitter has implemented in the past six months, one of the few saving graces is that it never prohibited the ability to upload animated GIFs for use as avatars. But now, some Twitter users are expressing major disbelief--after discovering the social network no longer allows them to upload animated GIFs as their personal avatars.

Facebook Launches 'Shared Activity' A New Social Plugin Gives Users More Control

San Francisco - In recent months, the social networking behemoth is striving to keep its users engage safely to its site, has made a big push to expand beyond the confines of Facebook.com via its “Open Graph.” Facebook today announced that it is launching a new social plug-in called Shared Activity. If Web app developers utilize the newly released plug-in, users will be able to control over what activities of theirs are shared back with Facebook to be broadcast to their friends.

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