Google’s New Year 2010 Doodles Flares-Up With Happy New Year Messages

January 2, 2010 0

New York — Traditionally, there are many New Years customs enjoyed throughout the ages, but for a passionate Internet nerds, there is nothing more exciting and entertaining than celebrating the first day of the year with a special Google doodle. Just roll your mouse over this year’s doodle and you will receive the message “Happy New Year 2010!

Despite being rather moderate about its homepage, Google oftentimes features customized logos to mark special occasions and events. From sporting events to national holidays, from rather obscure celebrations to obvious choices like Christmas, Google does not misses any occasions to treat its users with a new doodle.


Google “Happy New Year” Messages

The Happy New Year 2010 Google doodle is full of celebration. Anyone who clicked on the page without entering a search term on Jan 1 was greeted with a flurry of multi-coloured seasonal wishes, which scattered stars across Google’s stripped-down portal as they burst on screen.

The doodle shows a night scene with the sky full of fireworks around a tower clock at midnight. The display was programmed to continue — apparently without end — until users clicked on the screen again.

Google creates special doodles to fill in for their logo on special occasions. The fireworks form the two Os in Google. The clock tower stands in for the L in the Google doodle.

The Happy New Year doodle has become a tradition. The very first New Year’s doodle popped up on January 1st, 2000, and was one of the earliest doodles for Google, the eighth to be precise. To spell out 2010, Google uses a firework for the 2 and the clock face forms the 0 while the face on the side of the clock makes the 1. The moon finishes out 2010 as the last 0.

The search giant did not issued any statement concerning the Happy New Year messages or the hidden clock, but it has a record of dropping pranks and hidden treats known as “easter eggs” into its services.

Google has been keenly celebrating the first day of the new year for the past 10 years now and has come up with some eye-catching interesting designs over this period which also provide a small glimpse at its evolution from a promising startup in 2000 to the biggest company on the web in 2009.