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Apr 28th
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Gmail Adds Image Drag-And-Drop Feature Into Emails

Mountain View, California -- Barely four weeks after Gmail released a drag-and-drop feature that made attaching files to emails considerably more convenient. Now, as a complement to that upgrade, Google has introduced a new feature to Gmail that empowers users to drag-and-drop images from their desktops directly into emails.


Google AdWords Introduces New Broad Match Campaigns

Mountain View, California -- The Google AdWords blog today announced a new keyword match type for managing pay per click campaigns. The “Broad Modifier” allows you to define keywords that have more possibilities than phrase match but on the other hand is stricter than broad match. This new feature is currently being tested in the UK and Canada and it is named the broad match modifier.

Google's Gmail Users Suffer Signup And Login Error

San Francisco -- Google's Gmail, one of the most extensively used email in the world was down on Tuesday, 11th May 2010, Google official apologies for an 502 Server error. Perhaps this outage occurred for the first time since the service was launched in 2004. Many users were confronted with this error.

Google Exploring To Expand Into Online Travel Services

San Francisco -- It now appears that the search engine giant wants a piece of the travel turf. Google is now extending its long arm into the lucrative online travel business, and could be in talks to acquire fare-shopping developers ITA Software.

Google Abandons Plug-In For Mozilla Play, Remakes 3D Web Graphics Plan

Mountain View, California -- Google has partially abandoned its 3D graphics browser plug-in -- the open source API project named O3D, alternatively focusing on a 3D Web graphics application known as WebGL standard originally created by Mozilla.

Google Speeds Up TV Ad Market Entry, Buys Stake In Targeted-Ad Firm Invidi

Mountain View, California -- Google has long been making efforts to crack the TV ad market, but the search giant Google has finally spread-out its wings into the TV business by buying a stake in a startup called Invidi Technologies that helps advertisers target cable and satellite viewers with “addressable” ads.

Google Goggles Expands Optical Text Translation To Android Smartphones

Mountain View, California -- Late last year, Google rolled out a very cool mobile product called Google Goggles. The Mountain View, Calif., search engine leader Google on Thursday released an enhanced version of its Goggles application to read and translate English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish after pictures of words are taken with cameras built into smartphones based on its Android operating systems be used as language translation tools.

Google Finally Returns Gmail Name Back To Blighty

London -- For the past five years, British e-mail users with Google accounts have been deprived access to @gmail.com email address. But on Tuesday, the search engine company has settled a long-running trademark dispute with a British research firm, and now, finally ditching the two-word moniker are now able to change the end of their addresses from @googlemail.com to @gmail.com.

Google Unveiled Powerful AdWords Reporting Feature In Google Analytics And Application Gallery

San Francisco -- If you hold an AdWords account then you know the levels of data that are created can sometimes becomes unmanageable and, moreover, you can start to ask questions such as “At what point during the day am I seeing a surge in sales?” without an easy way to find those answers. Responding to the call, Brett Crosby announced new AdWords Reports for Google Analytics and the release of Google Analytics Application Gallery.

Google Revamps Logo, Amps Up Search-Engine Competition

Mountain View, California -- Google did not invent search, but it is one of the most valuable terminus a quo for more than 1 billion Google searches a day, is getting its most substantial renovation in years. The Mountain View, Calif., search engine leader is rolling out a major redesign for its search results on Wednesday, indicating the start of what promises to be a period of intensified competition with rival Microsoft Bing.

Google To Start Selling Digital Books By June

Mountain View, California -- In an attempt to compete with the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sellers of downloadable, digital books, search giant Google on Tuesday said it plans to begin selling e-books that people can read on any Internet-connected device including Apple's hot-selling iPad tablet computers, earliest by this summer.

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