Google Releases Revamped Forms With Real-Time Collaboration, Improved Editing

January 31, 2013 0

San Francisco — In a fresh move to steal a little thunder from the cloud, search engine giant Google on Wednesday launched a new version of Forms, in the Google Drive app. It now includes collaboration features, so you can edit forms with others in real-time and better editing to the survey tool.

Going forward, if you are not familiar with Forms, it allows you to create questionnaires, surveys, or quizzes, then automatically collect responses in a Google spreadsheet. With the latest version, the company claims Forms has been rebuilt to “bring you a faster, cleaner, and more collaborative experience” and will be rolling out over the next few days, a feature that is already available with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google executive describing the latest feature said, “If you need to work with two colleagues on a survey, all three of you can work on the same form simultaneously and even have a group chat on the side, without leaving the form,” Google software engineer Nick Santos, wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Google also made some remarkable improvements that should make editing Forms a little easier. To begin with, you would not have to worry about losing your changes if your computer crashes or you forget to save, because all changes will now be saved automatically. If you made a mistake, not to worry, as you can now quickly undo and redo edits.

In fact, the latest version also brings improved copy-and-paste capabilities. For instance, according to company post that reads: “Improved copy-and-paste will let you copy a list of bullets from the web or multiple rows of text from a spreadsheet; then, when you paste into a form, each line will be appear as an individual answer. And you can use keyboard shortcuts to get things done more quickly,” says Santos.

Among other things, Google has also made some significant improvements that include the addition of keyboard shortcuts, but Google did not list these, the ability to download a .csv file for more detailed analysis and reporting, as well as changes in the copy-and-paste department.

You can create forms directly from Sheets, Drive, or Chrome via the Web App. Here is how a form looks like in Google+:


The update is rolling out over the course of the next several days. For a more general video introducing you to Forms, head here.

For more, check out the video below.


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