Google Play Music, Google+ Android Apps Gets Fresh Updates With New Features

January 31, 2013 0

Mountain View, California — If you are a Google Play Music enthusiast, then get ready to dive in, because the company has just unleashed a pair of new updates for both its Google Plus and Google Play Music Android Apps, adding several new features and bug fixes.

Following Google+’s recent parade, both the updates, though relatively small in size has been blessed with some new attributes and changes that regular users are bound to appreciate.

Firstly, Google Play Music has received the better updates of the two, it renders a few new features such as instant mixes that continue playing beyond 25 songs when you reach the end. Additionally, new default album art has been added, pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages, and there is now a fix for the freezing issue Galaxy S III users were experiencing.

Moreover, the widget has been improved with a “previous” button, something that was such a glaring omission that we were wondering if the Mountain View boy were smoking something when they were designing the widget. All our worries are quelled, though, as that is no longer an issue.

Besides, Google+ is getting support for adding a link when you are creating a post with this update. We imagine that feature was sorely missed by a number of Google+ users, so it is good to have it making an appearance now. Google+ can also boast a new notifications tray with this update, along with “additional community moderation features.” Google does not list what these new moderation features are, so users have a couple of surprises waiting for them yet.

As a matter of fact, these updates address many things users have been speaking out about in the reviews for quite some time. For instance, there is now support for adding a link when creating a post, a new notifications tray, and additional community moderation features, though minor, but might be useful to some users.

In fact, there is still work to be done, but no app is ever truly finished. To enjoy the service, users can dive deep into the Google ecosystem may find themselves using these apps on a daily basis, so as always, it’s nice to see Google keeping things up-to-date.

More importantly, both updates are available right now, so you do not have to wait for these new features. Surely, everyone likes regular updates that bring in more functionality for free. You can download the latest versions now directly from the Google Play Store: here and here.


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