Google Offers Mobile Phone Version of Gmail E-mail

December 20, 2005 0

Google has launched a special version of its Gmail e-mail service that provides mobile phone subscribers with quick access to their e-mail, the company said in a statement. The mobile application allows you to read and write emails. It supports photos, office documents and PDF attachments.

Detail of the mobile e-mail service which is currently offered to U.S. cellphone users is available at http://m.gmail.com.


When accessing Gmail from your handset, it automatically optimizes the interface based on your device. You can even view photos, documents, reply to phone numbers while keeping everything synchronized to your mobile and standard web Gmail account.

Google has also added several new features to enhance your Gmail experience, including:

  • Quick links that identify addresses and package tracking numbers in emails and displays them to the right of users’ Inbox so they can more easily access maps, directions, or tracking information with a single click.
  • Gmail Web Clips, which appear at the top of the Gmail inbox and enable users to read Google News, a friend’s blog, or any RSS or Atom feed from their Gmail account.
  • Anti-virus protection that automatically scans messages with attachments.
  • The ability to view attachments in HTML instead of downloading to the desktop or mobile phone.
  • A vacation auto-responder, which enables users to automatically notify people when they are away from email or unable to respond.
  • The option to create contact groups, one of the most highly-requested Gmail features.

The Gmail mobile service works on most web-enabled phones, it is free, however data rates may apply when accessing the web.