Google Fiber Debuts with the Internet Speed of your Dreams!

July 30, 2012 0

Google has finally launched its most awaited service – ‘Google Fiber’ in Kansas City on 27th July 2012 – Internet that is 100 times faster than what most Americans use today. And the best part of Google Fiber is that users will get unlimited internet access every month.

Here are 3 plans Google is offering at the launch:


  1. US$120 per month: Google Fiber customers opting for this plan will get unlimited data (upto 1 Gbps/sec download speed and upload, a nexus 7 tablet, Google Fiber TV, Google’s IPTV service, Storage Box, TV Box, 1TB storage on Google Drive and Network Box. All of these will be available in the US$120/month plan on a 2 year contract.
  2. US$70 per month: The second plan is much cheaper than the first one. For US$70/month, customers will get unlimited data on upto 1Gbps download and upload, 1TB of Google Drive Storage and the Network Box.
  3. US$0 per month: Users will have to pay US$300 construction fee in this plan where no other charges will be applicable. Unlike other plans, customers with this plan will get only upto 1 Mbps/sec upload and upto 5 Mbps download. But there’s good news for customers with $0 plan. This connection will be free for minimum 7 years.

Why Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is providing you the full TV channel lineup with all of your favorite channels, an HD TV Box that can record upto 8 TV shows simultaneously (nearly 500 shows can be stored in 1080p full HD). This HD TV Box comes with a built-in capability of YouTube streaming and Netflix.

And here comes the surprise! With Google’s Fibre TV, forget the traditional remote. Google’s Nexus 7 tablet operates this TV. Guess what? With Nexus 7, you can watch TV on your tablet and also share what you are watching. So, it is time to get social with your TV.

Google Fiber’s HD ready TV Box gives you access to live TV, content on Internet and on-demand shows with no extra monthly fees for HD. As the official Google Fiber’s website claim, you can watch tens of thousands of shows, movies on-demand and hundreds of HD channels. With this TV box, you can also pair bluetooth enabled devices to your television set and also extend the internet access across your home via the integrated Wi-Fi access point and Ethernet port.

Next comes the Network Box and the Storage Box! With Network Box, you can access Google Fiber anywhere in your home by accessing Wi-Fi or connecting to one of 1Gbps ethernet ports. The storage box has a storage capacity of 2TB where you can store your TV shows, photos, videos and music. Everything is accessible from any device at your home.

With Google Drive, your files are safe. All the stuff saved here can be accessed from all the devices, from anywhere.

Hope with Google Fiber’s entry in the industry, we will get some serious internet speed. And with the competition aroud, we hope to get some better products, too (like Nexus 7 tablet for free).