Google Assists Businesses Locate AdWords Professionals In Beta

December 29, 2009 0

Mountain View, California — Companies that are looking for some assistance with their AdWords campaign may now rejoice to receive some thanks to Google. Google has launched a beta search platform that allows people to search for AdWords Professionals those certified by the company who can help manage their campaigns based on location and budget.

On the new Google Professionals Search homepage, people can search by location and budget they wish to allocate on a weekly basis, and allows you to find people who are approved by the Google Adwords Professional certification.

A promotional statement on the page suggests that would-be users “Find a Google certified professional or company to help you manage your AdWords campaign.”

The service is currently in beta and only available for US based customers.

Advertising Professionals are those engaged in online marketing, similar agencies, and other individuals such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs), and marketing experts, who have been certified and authorized by Google to manage AdWords accounts.

This roster of professionals may have many individuals and agencies scurrying to get certified and listed and paying the $50 per week. They can assist publishers with different aspects of managing and creating an AdWords accounts. Advertisers who do not wish to invest the time and resources required to master AdWords often hire Advertising Professionals.

After an initial search is conducted, searchers can further prune the results even more by specifying additional services offered by these agencies in Google’s database.

Additional Services encompasses areas such as online display advertising, search engine optimization, traditional advertising (print, TV), web designing, website analytics, affiliate programs, new media (mobile & social networks), creative and design services, call recording and tracking, auto-optimization tools and marketing consultancy.

Then there are other areas linked with locations, budgets, and the type of assistance that is needed. Google releases dozens or hundreds of suggestions when everything is said and done.

While it is praiseworthy to note that Google has introduced this program — but the fact is that it costs money to get listed and requires taking a Google generated test only to pass seems a bit unfair. And with so many search marketing companies out there, it can be pretty backbreaking to try and find the right company for you. Research will always pay off and this simple tool by Google is sure to help.

The search only lists companies that have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts including ebrandz.