Facebook Toolbar Released For IE And Firefox With Multi-Language Support

January 29, 2010 0

Los Angeles — If you are a Facebook-freak and cannot imagine life without it, now they can have more tools to deepen their addiction on the world’s most popular social-networking site. Facebook has just released an Internet Explorer version of its browser toolbar, about two months after shipping one for Firefox, the company said Thursday.

The official Facebook Toolbar is a useful browser add-on for promptly searching out the number of friend requests, messages, and invitations you have on your Facebook account. Facebooker’s can use it to quickly visit the common sections of your profile, share items of interest with your friends on the social networking site, upload photos and much more.

Multilingual Support: Facebook Toolbar originally available in English language and for Firefox only, leaving many Internet Explorer users out in the cold for a way to quickly check Facebook without actually logging into their accounts.

Releasing the IE toolbar is the latest attempt by the company to enable its members interact with Facebook when they are not on the site. It is not that Facebook is anywhere close to enduring from a lack of user engagement. But now, Facebook it supports both the browsers and that to in 16 new languages: Arabic, Chinese (simple and traditional), Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish (Spain and international), French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish and Turkish.

With easier login button nicely placed at the right corner of the browser, the toolbars offers links to various Facebook sections, including the user’s home page, inbox and friend profiles, as well as displays the last status message, number of friend requests, inbox messages and invitations the user has not yet checked out. With the toolbar, Facebook users can also share content with their friends and upload photos. To post a new status message, simply type in the status message field and hit the return key.

Moreover, once you log in to your Facebook account, the toolbar displays a pop up notifications at the bottom right corner of the screen.

And that is not the end, the toolbar bundles easier sharing and photo uploading as well: Using the “Share” button you can quickly share a link, image or a video with your friends. The best addition is the photo uploader, which enables you to add photos to existing albums or create a new album without having to open your Facebook profile.

To download Facebook Toolbar for Firefox and Internet explorer, go to the Facebook Toolbar page and hit the “Download Facebook Toolbar” button. Next, choose the version of your browser and restart it to activate.

Facebook is also simultaneously releasing the source code for both toolbar versions, so that developers can modify and adapt them as they wish.

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