Facebook Renews Friendship Pages To Chronicle Your Relationships

November 9, 2012 0

New York – Interestingly, there is a page for just about anything you can imagine on the popular social network Facebook – including every friendship. Facebook today announced a big visual update to its Friendship Pages to chronicle the time you have spent with a family member or friend.

Facebook’s Friendship Pages were one of the last areas of the social network to look like the old profile view, but no longer. Now the social media giant is giving those friendship pages an upgrade, in order to make them look more like Timeline profiles. And as an incentive, it is adding a new page for you and anyone you are in a relationship with a special someone : the adorably-named facebook.com/us.

In effect, Facebook has essentially auto-created fondly affectionate Timeline profile pages for couples filled with events, photos, likes, mutual friends, and statuses that the two people have shared.

The update starts rolling out to users today, and provides a welcome update to Friendship Pages – which for most users today still look like old school profiles from more than a year ago. If you want to view a Friendship page, you can log into your Facebook account, go to a friend’s profile, click on the settings icon, and click “See Friendship”.

More importantly, to view the friendship page you share with anyone else, go to their profile page. Then click the gear button on the right, next to “Message,” to reveal a menu with a list of options; Friendship page is the one you want. Facebook claims that what you will see depends on your friend’s privacy settings. Once you have viewed a Friendship page, you have the option of sharing it with others on your Timeline.

Image Credit: (Facebook)

Another interesting thing about the Timeline view, however, is that you will be able to remove different areas of your relationship. That picture your best friend tagged of you both doing the Halloween walk of shame? So nothing too creepy, but also enough information to rekindle that friendship. So go ahead and take that memory off your friendship Timeline by clicking on the pen icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting “hide from Timeline.”

As a matter of fact, the social network giant has been set on helping better connect one another – almost like the social media version of “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – and no longer will people have to wonder how they know that person who just commented on their status update.

Although it is unclear exactly how much engagement these pages have been getting, the update is an obvious play to improve the way Facebook visualizes the relationships between people. A button on the pages says ‘Share Friendship’ – a new way to brag or creep out friends and family.

This new feature has started to slowly make its way through the network and all users should be able to see the updated Friendship pages soon.