Facebook Now Simplifies Process For Creating Repeat Events From The Past

December 7, 2012 0

New York – Do you wish to keep track of your regular study group? Well, Facebook has just rolled out an update to the site that streamlines creating repeat events easier by filling up new events with all of the previously saved information and inviting all of the same guests for you, so you do not have to create them from scratch every time, as Software Engineer Bob Baldwin announced the rollout of “create repeat event” on his timeline.

Moving ahead, members of the social media hub can now go to any past event that they hosted or attended, and replicate a new, similar event.

Now, when a user clicks on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner a drop-down menu “Create Repeat Event” appears on most event pages, from here Facebook will automatically populate a new event dialog with details from the past event, including the invite list. Users can change the date or any other details if necessary.

Baldwin wrote: I built a new feature for events. You can now go to any past event you hosted or attended, and create a repeat event. It will copy the details into a new event (which you can preview and edit before posting) and invite your friends from the past event, he says.

The new concept is particularly helpful for page owners that regularly host similar events or are organizing a tour around the country. Rather than moving back and fro to square one, the feature will make it easier for users to fill in an event’s recurrent details – they can keep most of the description the same and edit the location or time, useful for monthly trivia nights or weekly study groups, for example.

Hence, it is a great way to keep track of who among your group will attending this weeks’ regular get-together, and help keep people notified of when it is happening.

However, users cannot use the feature for events created by Facebook pages they do not manage, according to Inside Facebook. This is probably to avoid spamming large audiences of a page’s fans. Similarly, when users recreate events that were originally hosted by a friend, the full guest list does not carry over. They can only invite people they are already friends with.

On the other hand, with most calendar apps, Facebook events cannot be set as recurring from the point of creation. A useful feature for pages, groups and some users would be a way to create an event that automatically reoccurs every Monday and Thursday, for instance.

Comparatively, this is a pretty small but helpful new concept that will help both pages and individuals alike.