Facebook Bundles iOS App With Voice And Video Recording, Voice Messaging And More

January 30, 2013 0

Los Angeles – Relentlessly striving to keep its services up to date, the social network giant Facebook spruces up its main app with familiar features-on Monday updated its iOS app to version 5.4, adding a few new noteworthy features including video recordings, voice messages, and a revamped Nearby tab.

Voice messages previously appeared in the iOS and Android versions of Facebook’s Messenger apps, the voice messaging empowered users to easily communicate with others using only their voice, and later VoIP calling was also appended to those apps in the US and Canada.

(Credit: Screenshot/Facebook)

Now, Facebook users toting an iOS device at all times will want to head over to the App Store immediately as their iOS app has just been updated to 5.4, with voice messaging capabilities.

With the latest version, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to record and directly send it to the recipient, and also gives access to the camera to allow for still shots or video clips to be recorded and sent. This latest video attribute comes just days after rival social network Twitter released a standalone video-sharing app, dubbed Vine, which lets users shoot and share short, looping videos.

In addition to those improvements, Facebook for iOS update also gives users the ability to record and include an audio snippet when sending a message. The new feature is described as a way to add audio to text messages when you have “more to say”.

Now, when you tap on the record button, the recording begins instantly, allowing you to send the message by simply releasing the button. If you swipe off of the button while recording, you can release to cancel it, similar to the way that any other button on iOS cancels an action but with a nice visual cue.

Besides, the ability to record and post video right from within the app is also a fresh feature with the latest version. Additionally, the social media giant has also improved its Nearby tab that offer a more Foursquare-like interface for finding interesting things to see and do based on Facebook’s Knowledge Graph.

In fact, the update to Nearby tab, will now show a list of local businesses and landmarks based on your interests, according to Facebook, in addition to what your friends have liked, checked-in, or rated.

Facebook for iOS is available in the App Store.