Facebook Adds “Articles Related To” Feature For Optimized News Discovery

February 4, 2013 0

Los Angeles — In a surprising move to keep its users glued to its’ the social network giant Facebook is working on a few new strategies to keep people from going away from Facebook. The company has long relied upon your friends providing posts to interesting items found online, now thanks to the Facebook “Articles Related To” feature the network is adding its own suggestions based on proprietary algorithms.

Recently, the world’s biggest social networking humongous expressed concerns about the users leaving the site for other web sites, for the first time. The company is now worried that the teens are no more interested in Facebook, because they are no longer interested in the content found on the site. Hence, to set it all right, Facebook needs to find out ways to deliver good content to the users.

This is a new news feed that the social networking is working on which will deliver the most popular news on Facebook, to your timeline. The latest feature pushes items titled “Recent Articles about” into your Facebook news feed, providing a link to articles about the subjects of pages you “liked.”

For example, if a user chooses to like the rapper Lil Wayne, they may find “Articles Related to Lil Wayne” along with a preview section and a link to the suggest article.

However, depending on how this new articles-related-to algorithm functions, the new feature could seed your Facebook news feed with valuable information or just add noise to it. Additionally, the feature could help the social media giant to compete with popular feed aggregating apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and Zite, according to Josh Constine, writing for TechCrunch.

Besides, the service will scan the complete Facebook database to retrieve the most shared stories on Facebook that relate to your interests and then put it in your feed for you to read.

And when you click on the news link, guess what happens. Usually, you will be redirected to another website where the news article is actually published, the source of the news article. But Facebook is trying to build a service which will not transfer users to another website to read news, but instead, put the news on Facebook itself so that users will not have to leave Facebook. This way, Facebook gets more time on site count, and will be able to make some money in the form of fees from publishers for putting their news on Facebook.

Though that seems a bit of a stretch, since some typical features of those aggregation apps–visual verve and customization–appear to be missing from the new Facebook feature. However, the company is also working on bringing the “Articles Related To…” service to its mobile apps as well, trying to get as much time on the site from users as it can.