Blinkx.tv comes to iPods and Portable Video Players

December 24, 2005 0

Blinkx has unveiled a new service called Blinkx.tv To Go that lets users search for video content online and upload results to their iPod or portable video player.

Users also will be able to save the search as a "channel" that is automatically updated and saved for later viewing when new, relevant content is posted online.

Over the past several months, said Suranga Chandratillake, CTO and founder of blinkx, video blogging has exploded on the Internet, suggesting that many consumers are eager for an alternative to commercial broadcasts.

However, this kind of independent content is not widely available at traditional download sites, such as iTunes.com, and what there is, can be difficult to find. With its new blinkx.tv To Go service, he said, blinkx is throwing open the doors to a wide variety of new, user-generated video and making it fully searchable and portable with one quick click.

Blinkx offers video and podcast search services as well as software for searching data on desktops and the Web using contextual search technology, rather than keywords like other search engines.

Chandratillake said blinkx.tv To Go is designed to allow users to enter a search of video blogs, and with one click, either upload specific results to their iPod or portable video player, or save the search as a "channel," which is automatically and perpetually updated and fed to their devices, where it can then be viewed as a single media stream. Blinkx takes care of all the formatting, regardless of the original file type.