January 2, 2012 0

The social networking giant, Facebook, seems to be announcing its mobile world takeover, in some way or the other. The recent to know about the social networking site is that Facebook has over 300 million monthly active mobile app users. The news broke in the tech world, which was according to a new report. This might make many think as to which platform has the highest penetration rate when it comes to using the Facebook app?

That is definitely an interesting point to note as Facebook users make use of their mobile platforms quite often to stay updated noted in the world and even to keep the world updated with their own self. So, the fight between iOS and Android to gain supremacy here could be important. Other platforms like the Symbian, BlackBerry, Bada and Mango would even like to note where they stand. In either case, apart from iOS and Android, no one is even close to dominating the current breakup, and even in the future.

Noting the facts, according to the report, which was sourced from Facebook and Enders Analysis, the 300 million monthly active users (MAU), account for the Facebook app. The MAU leader is still Apple, by far, with Android trying to catch up. The iPhone and iPod app accounts for 100.4 million MAU, while the iPad MAU is even rising with 16.6 million MAU, currently. Adding the two figures, Apple can smile as it has earned 117 million MAU having the Facebook app, which is much higher than the Android’s 87.8 million MAU.

Combining the figures of Apple and Google, the two account for more than 2/3rd of the Facebook app count. The rest have a bit less than 1/3rd of the count. Again this stat is not surprising. The surprise factor was that the MAU count has Apple count much much more than that of Android.

Briefing about the total number of mobile users, according to Enders Analysis analyst Benedict Evans, it was noted that this is more than the total number of mobile users that Apple or Google have each, which is somewhere around 225 million active mobile users.

Facebook, on its part, has never specified any milestone for its mobile app or mobile website. It has only offered two types of metrics: total number of active users (800 million) and total number of mobile active users (350 million). But the number count was as on September 22, 2011, so this latest report is actually incomparable to the earlier stats. Another point to note here is that there is a definite overlap in the count as there are possible members who access both the app and mobile site of Facebook.

As far as the DAU count is concerned, Android has tipped over iPhone and iPod count, but combining the latter’s figures with that of iPad, Apple rules still. Its just in the smartphone count, that Apple has been overpowered by Android in the count for Facebook app usage.

However, the stats as per the report, can be viewed below: