AOL Unveils Its First iPad Optimized Website With HTML5

February 17, 2012 0

New York — In an attempt to make it easier for iPad users to browse their content AOL has unveiled a tablet-optimized version of their signature website designed in HTML5 especially for the iPad users. The site is so conceived to reap benefits of the iPad’s touch screen and to provide iPad users with seamless access to AOL’s content and services.

The new site, which was announced on AOL’s blog this morning, incorporates touch gestures like tapping and swiping to browse content, and can be accessed by visiting AOL.com from any iPad, was created using HTML5 to enable an “app-like experience” along with an updated layout that makes it easy to interact with content from across the AOL network using a standard finger swipe action to flip page to page or screen to screen on the iPad.

“AOL.com is America’s Homepage, so it is no surprise that we are witnessing triple digit growth in our iPad audience,” said Chris Grosso, GM, AOL.com. “We have re-imagined our iPad homepage experience in an exciting new way that exhibits the way AOL users utilize the page on the tablet.”

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The new AOL.com for iPad — Click to enlarge…

This newly design imbues an easy and interesting way to browse through more of AOL’s best content including the most popular news, local and entertainment headlines–from sources like AOL-owned Huffington Post–without leaving the page.

Besides, users can swipe through headlines or images, and tap to read an article. The site also provides convenient access to AOL Mail, games, apps, weather, news, music, and more. Additional HTML5 features enable users to listen to music, watch videos and even preview messages from AOL Mail all within AOL.com.

The company noted that “AOL already offers a number of iPad and tablet apps available for users, but this is our first tablet specific mobile web experience,” said David Temkin, senior vice president of Mobile at AOL. This launch is specific to the iPad, but we are in the process of formulating a similar experience for other tablet devices, he added.

With a reported 30-million visitors flocking to AOL.com each month, the idea of a simple to use layout for those coming from a tablet segment may seem to make good sense. Especially when AOL has indicated that they witnessed triple-digit growth in their iPad audience, which triggered the company to take a good look at how their site performed on those mobile devices.

However, users accessing the site from their iOS-based tablet will certainly enjoy a dynamic and interactive experience that resembles that of a native app, including noted features like:

  • Location enabled services make it easy to automatically see your local Weather forecast

  • Sign into your AOL Mail account to see up to 20 previews of your latest unread messages, view full messages or compose a new email

  • Check out the latest MP3 of the day from AOL Music and play it in-line with continuous play of all 20 available MP3s

  • Get your daily Horoscope

  • View movie listings from Moviefone

While this update was targeted especially for iOS-based tablets, AOL has assured everyone that optimized versions for other tablets will be soon to come. Also, this webpage restyling is in addition to the already considerable number of apps designed and made available by AOL, including AIM, Editions daily magazine and AOL TV.